Thursday, December 6, 2007

Now that we have your attention…

Posted by Daniel Holevoet, Google Gadgets Team

We thought we'd take a moment to formally invite you to participate in the Google Gadgets API group. The goal of the group is to give updates on the progression of the gadgets API and to aid you in the development of your own gadgets.

The group is officially staffed by two Googlers — myself, and Dann Lee — and unofficially by a set of talented Gadget Gurus — members of the community who've been identified for outstanding long-term commitment to the community.

Second, we'd like to point out a somewhat new article that you might not have seen yet: Gadget Caching for Higher Performance. It sheds light on the numerous ways the Google API can be used to save your bandwidth, while at the same time, decreasing the loading time of your gadgets.

More articles on gadgets will be coming soon, and when they are released, we'll make sure to let you know here. Stay tuned!