Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It's been a long time coming

Welcome to the new Google Gadgets API blog! Nearly two years after we first launched Google Gadgets on iGoogle, things have certainly changed. And because we have a lot of cool stuff to tell you about, we were inspired to launch this blog. Here are some highlights of what we've unveiled so far:

Thanks in part to Google Gadgets for Your Webpage, there are billions of gadget pageviews per week. You can also build gadgets for a number of other Google products including Desktop, Calendar and Maps. More recently, we've opened up access to the Finance API, where you can retrieve and display stock information within your gadget. For those of you who want to advertise with rich media, we also have Gadget Ads.

In addition to these, we've also redesigned the Gadgets website and hope you find our new homepage more useful and easier to navigate. And to keep up with the latest in what is going on with the gadgets family, we've created an API Overview page.

The gadgets world is growing faster than ever, so to keep in touch with the ever-changing landscape, check this blog frequently (or subscribe to the feed) for new features, news about more sites where you can distribute your gadget and other related updates. In the meantime, put on your gadget hat and go write some great apps!